Malaise by Maggie Millus

If there was a virus for causing procrastination, I’d say we’ve all been infected. But I like to look at both sides of an issue, or in this case, a condition. I’ve never thought of putting off things as bad as long as I was the one doing it. Now if it’s anyone else, that’s another story.

Frustration Over Nothing by Maggie Millus

Over crowding causes anger issues. I could do free castrations… with a butter knife. Hell, I’d even use two bricks for anesthesia. As if being on a crowded roadway isn’t bad enough, getting cut off in I-95 traffic really pisses me off. Not enough for road rage, just rabid confusion as to why anyone would drive so fast on a four lane road constipated with cars. Cars are all driving the same speed, side by side in each of the four lanes.


My husband, Howard, says Barmy Bottom isn’t really a hollow, it’s more like a slough. Hollows, he says, are Tennessee and this is Florida. Nonsense, I say. This house we live in and the yard around it are a big hole.