“Maggie Millus is a South Florida humorist who likes to write about people.   She writes humor to survive the absurdities of life and to make others laugh.

Like everyone else, she has issues…issues caused by other people: her husband, her mother, and even the dog, Pookie , an insomniac and nocturnal canine who seriously needs a helmet.

As a science teacher in a previous life, she wrote two science books. She began writing humor in order to vent her frustrations and shield herself from the craziness of work and family life.

You can see her cartoons and blogs at Barmy Bottom Hollow on this website. Her “barmy” blogs are a bit off the wall and bonkers. Her more conventional humor has a been featured on the blog of the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop website, www.humorwriters.org/ and https://humoroutcasts.com.

When Maggie isn’t working on her collection of humorous pieces and vignettes about coping, she can be found muddling through the sweaty crankiness and eccentricities of family life in the South Florida heat and humidity.



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Barmy – off-the wall, eccentric, nutty, idiotic,  silly, bonkers….a state of mind.  “Barmy Bottom  Hollow” is a state of mind.  It is a hyper extension of reality and it is full of people, their  interactions and sometimes  down right nuttiness  all piled into a scrambled mess of Florida sun,  heat,  bugs, crowding, and traffic.

None of the names of individuals described or mentioned in this  weblog  are those of real people.  If you think a description of  someone is typical of you, it is not you. There are 7.5 billion people on this planet and the probabilities of coincidence are astronomical.