Bad Kidney Jokes by Maggie Millus



Some jokes are worse than others.  If you think these kidney jokes are awful, remember, they too will pass:


Said one kidney to the other: “I’m pissed off at you.”


Why do  kidneys  become Zen?  They want to go with the flow.


How do you cook kidneys?  You boil the piss out of them!

kidney losing water 1








Why does a kidney with stones stop working?  Because it’s between a rock and a hard place,


When does a kidney have black and blue marks? When it hits rock bottom.


When would a person with kidney stones go to the Emergency Room.?  When the Emergency Room is just a stone’s throw away!


Where do European kidneys congregate?  At the pissoir!


Another bad kidney joke:  Has anybody seen the Energizer Kidney?  It just keeps going and going.


One more bad kidney joke: What did the hearing kidney say to the deaf kidney:  Cystic?  No, I said “sister”!


One  final bad kidney joke: What happens when an audience hears too many kidney jokes?  They get pissed off.



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