On This Election Eve – A Personal Reflection…

Tonight we face an uncertainty of tomorrow …more so than ever before.

During my many nights of insomnia, I’ve thought of this uncertainty, an uncertainty caused by the current election. Now I don’t think election issues are the sole cause of my insomnia (I would have insomnia anyway),  but they have surely made it worse.

I’ve been through quite a few elections, some of them more worrisome than others.  But none were like this one. I try to separate negativity from reality.  Sometimes it’s very hard.  Worrisome thoughts keep me up at night,  they goosestep through my mind into the early morning hours.

I tell myself that my worries about the future are unfounded.  I think most of us are relatively safe in our homes.  We have no fear of troops marching through our backyards, collaborators turning us in to authorities, or search and removal from our homes. But this could change. And there are other bad things that can happen, some are worse than others:

  • Could this country have another Civil War? We have not had one since the Civil War of 1861…. Is it time for another?  Sometimes there is “war” in my household, and in no way is it civil.  So I worry about this.  It’s hard for me to imagine what it would be like.
  • Politicians do not care about anyone but themselves. Congress is the gold ticket to getting rich and the end justifies the means. They have become royalty.  The Carpetbaggers from the Civil War era have been reincarnated into the politicians of today.
  • I fear a nuclear war, a war resulting from a final consummation of the Cold War with the Russians, a Cold War that has been ongoing and one that most of us have been oblivious to.  The USSR’s Nikita Krushchev once said,  “We will bury you!”  Will Putin bury us?
  • Environmental degradation…atmospheric aberrations involving temperature, weather, and oxygen…rising sea level…pollution-caused genetic errors in our gene pool. Add to this the emerging viruses: Zika, Ebola, hantavirus… and an obstinate, ignorant Congress…
  • Global populations continue to soar. Populations have grown so large that we cannot avoid each other and are forced to tolerate each other’s alienating foibles.  With the media publicizing everything  everyone does, it is difficult to find solitude and avoid the mentally disturbed.
  • Hatred towards each other, even ourselves. Hostilities probably exacerbated by  high population densities and a garrulous self-serving media.

I wonder how it will all end.  Where can I go?  Somewhere else?  No. I don’t think so.  There is nowhere else for me.  I will just stay here and do what I can to join others to try to make this country and tomorrow  better.

I will face the uncertainty of tomorrow…I have no other choice.

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