Advice To A Liberal Traveling The South



Are you a liberal planning a trip through the South? As in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee or worse? Then you should seriously consider the following:


  • Stay out of towns with biblical names.  Names like Hephzibah, Obadiah, and Boaz should tell you something.


  • Don’t tell anyone you are a Jew, agnostic, or … an atheist.  And definitely don’t tell them you are a Muslim. But if you are in Mississippi, India is okay.  (Consider  Bobby Jindahl)


  • Forget gun control.  You might need one!


  • Don’t tell anyone you voted for Obama. Or that you are going to vote for that Hillary woman.


  • Hope you like grits, grease, and butter.  Better bring Imodium.


  • Bathrooms are one way or the other. Bring your birth certificate.  Can’t prove you’re you? Maybe there are some woods nearby!.


  • The Civil War is not over, it’s only just beginning.  Get you a survival kit now.  The Apocalypse is upon us!


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