Frustration Over Nothing by Maggie Millus

Over crowding causes anger issues.  I could do free castrations… with a butter  knife.  Hell, I’d even use two bricks for anesthesia.  As if being on a crowded roadway isn’t bad enough, getting cut off in I-95 traffic really pisses me off.  Not enough for road rage, just rabid confusion as to why anyone would drive so fast on a four lane  road constipated with cars. Cars are all driving the same speed, side by side in each of the four lanes.  They angrily  tailgate and cut each other off as they change lanes and get nowhere faster .


Maybe there’s a stupidity factor here. What is the minimum IQ for getting a driver’s license?  You don’t know that answer?  There isn’t one.  If you can answer the questions on the written or computerized tests and drive the car one time through the road test, you get a driver’s license.  I never heard of an examiner saying, “You’re an idiot. You fail!”   On the other hand, maybe it’s not just the roads and the traffic.  Maybe there are just too many people.  Maybe it’s my family, my house, my neighborhood, the heat, the blistering sun.  Who knows?   This is South Florida!



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