Conversations With My Belly Fat.

It’s 3AM and I am ohhh so hungry!  I can’t sleep when I feel like my stomach is licking the meat off my ribs.  I stare at the ceiling and I think no more calories!  But I’m beginning to see luminenscent petite fours on the ceiling.  I must have low blood sugar, my vision is starting to go. The petite fours are multiplying.  I think they are dancing with the chocolate truffles.


I get restless and can’t sleep when I am hungry.  Howard is lying next to me sawing logs and passing gas.  He’s not hungry.  He never goes to bed hungry.  It’s a wonder he’s not hugging a bag of potato chips.  I didn’t go to bed hungry last night.  A couple of hours after supper I scarfed down a sugar loaded dulce le leche cupcake.  The sweets center in my brain thought it had died and gone to heaven.  Then the sugar from that delicious monster screamed for water all night long.  My stomach swelled.  It even winked at me.


Tonight I am making up for it.   Tonight is penance night and I am hungry.


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